What is the Tamborin?

Tamborin is a career site aimed at connecting African professionals to expertly curated and specific remote/relocation jobs in tech, marketing, customer support available across the globe.

How do I apply for jobs on Tamborin?

First, you need to sign up on the platform and complete your profile. A complete and qualified profile gets verified with a higher potential of been shared with prospective clients.

Does Tamborin offer any services?

We offer a monthly subscription service named “Linchpins” which allows her members to have access to a list of high impact opportunities, in-depth steps and advice on how to position yourself as a strong candidate with your applications and concierge session whereby a career associate is assigned to help you through the process. Our Linchpins are also automatically placed on a priority list for all new jobs from our clients.

How do I know when a Job Opening has Expired

Cool question there, When a Job Opening expires, we unpublish the Jobs on our website. So all openings on our website are active ones.

Why should I entrust my career with the Tamborin?

We believe highly qualified individuals should have access to exciting jobs at high impact organizations irrespective of location and we want to do more than help you find these jobs we also want to help you land them!

How is Tamborin different from other job boards?

Tamborin is aimed at connecting African professionals to expertly curated and specific remote/relocation jobs available across the globe. Every job that is posted on our platform is vetted by a member of our team before it is sent to you. This means you will only receive high quality jobs and not junk jobs.

What kind of jobs are available on Tamborin?

You will find remote and relocation jobs available for Africans around the globe.

Are the jobs on Tamborin legitimate?

Yes! We screen each job before adding them to our site and we do not post jobs that we find questionable or companies that we find shady.

Are there jobs I can do in addition to my full-time position?

Yes. Some jobs are contract or freelance gigs. You can use the filter option to find these.

Does Tamborin offer an individual or tailored job searching services?

Yes. You can find out more by contacting “hello@tamborin.io” - with “Tailored job searching service” as your email title.